10 Steps to Becoming a Conscious Beauty


On average, people use around 9 personal care products each day containing hundreds of ingredients. Today personal care products are manufactured with 10,500 unique chemical ingredients, some of which are known or suspected carcinogens, toxic to the reproductive system or known to disrupt the endocrine system. That’s right, a large portion of those chemicals/toxins found in personal care products go directly into our blood stream thanks to our thirsty skin! Lindsey from Malibu Mama Loves is giving us the rundown on how to be a more Conscious Beauty.

10 Easy Steps to Becoming a Conscious Beauty Guest blog contributor: Malibu Mama Loves

1. Don’t panic, just educate! A great way to start is by discovering what chemicals are harmful, then figuring out exactly what ingredients are in the products you are using most frequently. There’s nothing we can do about yesterday, moving forward we can begin to make changes.

2. Research the products you’re currently using. A great place to start would be to scan your products using the EWG (Environmental Working Group) App or website which ranks products on a scale of 1-10 for their toxicity. (we don’t expect you to learn each and every ingredient). Another great resource for makeup and skincare products, is the Think Dirty app.

3. Begin to swap out products that have higher toxicity rankings first. Start with the products that cover the largest areas of your skin, for example lotion. Make a list of everything you put on your skin – soaps, shampoos/conditioners/hair treatments, lotions, oils, foundations, deodorants, eye creams, make-up – anything you put on, and include it on the list. Check that list on the EWG scale, anything above an 8, bin it. Anything above a 4, finish but make a mental note not to buy that particular product anymore. Anything below a 4 is a safer alternative, well-done!

4. Simplify! Now that you have that handy list, I bet there are a few things you don’t really need or perhaps your duplicating efforts where you can find multi-taskers to get the job done. We love the One Love Organics Skin Savior Beauty Balm.

5. Find safe places to shop that carry products with ingredients you recognize, or are rated and screened for their safety. ShopConsciousBeauty.com has everything you need to get you started and keep you and your family on the path to a conscious lifestyle. Follow along the hashtags #greenbeauty & #consciousbeauty to find bloggers with similar skin to yours, this is a great way to find new, safe products!

6. If it does not work, don’t use it! Using naturally derived products does not mean you have to give up on quality – quite the opposite actually! It is a good idea to try sample or travel sizes first when testing a new product. It’s a less way if the product does not agree with you, plus who does’t like to try a new regimine on vacation!

7. Be willing to spend a little bit more on high quality natural ingredients that make the difference. Natural ingredients can be more potent for example many of your convention creams may include water as one of the first ingredients listed. Some natural products will contain high quality plant oils in concentrated formulations with less fillers like water and other potentially harmful synthetics.

8. Throw one nasty toxic product away a week! Don’t get too overwhelmed and if you are noticing a reaction in your skin, slow down. We have been using these chemicals for a while so we will need to detox them out of us. Sometimes you may even have to wean yourself off of them (aka you favorite mascara you can’t live without). This is ok. Do the best you can do in your own time!
9. Now start to learn about what you are eating… everything we put into ourselves effects our skin! So find out where your food is really coming from and exactly what the ingredients are. Try to avoid dairy, refined oils and processed foods as well as sugar. Check out our post on Sugar’s Affect on Skin.
10. Don’t be too hard on yourself! Being a conscious beauty is all about awareness and loving yourself. Whatever you were doing yesterday is just fine. However, now that we know, start making more conscious choices today!

Malibu Mama Loves Xx


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