Ok, so we are going to come right out and just say it: we find most makeup pretty nasty! You’re probably thinking to yourself, “oh no they didn’t.” Well, we did! Go ahead and open up that makeup case and check out the list of ingredients in your foundation for example.

The first ingredient is likely water, which immediately means there are going to be lots of preservatives and a cocktail of silicones, mineral oil, waxes, and other carcinogen releasing ingredients we’ve been talking about here on our blog. It’s simply poor-clogging, skin-dulling crap that’s not necessary when there’s natural cosmetic alternatives that can promote your skin’s health while playing up your natural features!

Lucky for you, we’ve searched high and low and sourced a product line we can stand behind from a product fomulation and performance standpoint.

Introducing Au Naturale Cosmetics, our newest Organic makeup line available an Shop Conscious Beauty. We adore this new line so much, that we want to share four reasons we feel you could benefit from switching over and going well, Au Naturale!

1. Eco-Chic- Au Naturale Cosmetics is a luxury, professional-grade cosmetic range that offers essential, beautiful organic makeup options for consciously chic women throughout the globe. Our “good-for-you products” were born out of the passion and desire of company founder, Ashley Prange, who developed and formulated all products without any harmful, toxic ingredients, chemicals, or heavy metals – unlike the majority of leading brands on the market today.

2. Paraben Free- From organic and paraben-free lipsticks and lip glosses to foundations and blushers, crème and powder eye shadows, to lip pencils, eye pencils, concealer and more, you will find the perfect product to enhance your natural beauty that also supports a healthy, vibrant lifestyle.

3. Quality Ingredients- All products contain the highest quality organic ingredients and are safe for those suffering from conditions such as Rosacea, Celiac Disease, Cancer or other skin sensitivities.

4. Range of Color Options- Au Naturale offers a complete range of fun, fashionable, long-lasting color options that complement all skin tones, while delivering the goodness and benefits of all natural ingredients.

Happy mix and matching for the perfect organic makeup glow!

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