We’ve all used terry cloth towels to dry our hair after a shower, but it turns out they aren’t very good for your hair. Who knew right? We are going to introduce you to our top selling tool in our online store. This is the Hubalou Hair Wrap you never knew you needed!

A few key benefits of using a hair towel from Hubalou make it well worth making the switch. Here are five key reasons a Hubalou Wrap is best:

1. Terry Cloth and Microfiber Damage Hair

While terry cloth and microfiber have been used for what seems like their absorbent qualities, the fibers in these materials actually act as a sort of Velcro, pulling and grabbing at the hair and damaging it.

2. Natural Fibers Are Best

In contrast, the smooth, natural bamboo cloth material of a Hubalou Wrap safely and gently dries your hair without this damaging effect.

3. Hubalou Wraps Are Lightweight

Unlike thick, heavy terry cloth towels, a cotton Hubalou Wrap is extremely lightweight and can be worn comfortably after your shower or bath as your hair dries and you apply makeup.

4. Hubalou Wraps Are Extremely Absorbent

Don’t let their smaller, lighter, thinner size fool you; these wraps are extremely absorbent and offer an excellent alternative to bulky, damaging terry cloth or microfiber towels. Reduce drying time!

5. They Work Great with Curly or Straight Hair

The Hubalou Wrap helps to preserve curls without damage as your hair dries, and GREATLY reduce frizz, it can also help to keep straight hair sleek.

If you’re ready to lose those damaging old-school towels and start enjoying healthier hair, pick up a Hubalou Wrap.

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