It’s often thought that the eyebrows are the most prominent feature on a face, and let’s be honest, some of us are lacking in this area and could use a bit of enhancing! Fellow brow less babes, we are excited to share 5 easy steps for enhancing your natural eyebrow. The shape of your eyebrows can directly affect the shape of your eyes, and your whole face so let’s learn how to play up this prominent feature.

There are two ways to shape eyebrows, one is to remove unwanted hair to create more of a desired shape, or filling in sparse areas with ideally an organic makeup. Our newest makeup line EcoBrow by Marco Ochoa which is going to help you create the perfect brows you never had. No seriously, this little pot of joy is amazing!

In 2013, Marco Ochoa (founder of Ecobrow) , debuted his first product in an effort to create the perfect brow: A mineral-based, paraben-free defining wax, which stays true to his philosophy of responsible beauty. The defining wax provides an alternative to most brow products on the market containing known toxic and potentially harmful ingredients that can cause eye irritation, rashes, and other allergies (no thanks).


1. Select The Right Shade- The lines comes in six different shades, all named after his favorite Hollywood icons: Blonde/Marilyn (Monroe), Auburn/Rita (Hayworth), Light Brunette/ Sharon, Brunette/Penelope (Cruz),Dark Brunette/Liz (Taylor) Soft Black/Frida. There is truly a shade to match every hair color and with more or less application of the defining wax, you can achieve your perfect natural or bold look.


2. Apply EcoBrow Defining Wax- (Follow instructions 1-6 below)

3. Clean Up Stray Hair- Notice how you are tweezing after applying your brow wax? This is to keep those tweezer happy hands away from sabatoging the good work you’ve done. More is more, it is all about a bold brow right now, and if you need to truly shape your eyebrow, please consult a specialist. Tweezing should just be for maintenance not shaping. Follow this guideline for where your eyebrow should start and end, as well as where the arch should hit above your eye. Play within the lines girls, and when in question…don’t tweeze it!

4. Use An Angled Brow Brush- Designed with two sides, the EcoBrow Defining Brush serves dual purpose. The angled side allows you to apply wax with artful precision while the spooley side allows you to easily blend in the product for the ultimate desired effect. Go ahead and use the spooley side to diffuse any harsh lines and create a more natural look while keeping hairs in place.
5. Apply a Highlighter- Apply a highlighter or light eye shadow under the top arch of your eyebrow to reflect light and give the illusion of a higher arch and a well defined line of brow bone for dimension.


What’s your favorite way to eyebrow trick? 

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