5YINA - ancient wisdom for modern beauty

We’re delighted to bring you 5YINA holistic skincare - an exciting new product line combining the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern, innovative science.

The art of being and the science of life…

Founded by trained herbalists, Angela Chau and Ervina Wu, are creating revolutionary, clean products, developed and artfully formulated in California using only the very best raw ingredients. These harmonized, artisanal formulas bring together the energy of nature and green beauty technology to provide a unique botanical skincare line.

5YINA goes beyond just caring for your skin - each product is intended to help ground energy, enhance your self-healing capacity and reconnect you with the flow of nature, while promoting well-being.

5 YINA. Five seasons. Five elements.

Just as we dress and eat according to the seasons, the ethos behind 5YINA is that our skincare rituals should also change throughout the year.

The name YINA stands for harmony and beauty while the number 5 represents the five seasons:

Spring – enlighten: this is the season for growth, renewal and awakening but sometimes rapid climate and environmental change can leave your skin feeling tender and sensitive. 5YINA Spring will soothe, protect and revitalize your skin and spirits!

Summer – lucent: summer belongs to the fire element but excessive heat can cause skin congestion and inflammation. 5YINA Summer purifies, balances and clarifies the skin and senses.

Autumn – grace: as the first leaves fall it’s an important time to collect ourselves and prepare for the colder months. 5YINA Autumn repairs, reconditions and uplifts our skin and emotions.

Winter – quiescent: the winter element of water represents deep wisdom and internal strength. 5YINA Winter will help nourish, strengthen and rest both mentally and physically

Fifth season – divine: this represents all the four seasons and their transitions. This earth element is central to balance and stability. 5YINA Divine provides a grounding to reset and harmonize your state of being.

Summer – time to purify, balance and clarify

So, as we head into the height of summer, now is the perfect time to try this exciting new line.

5YINA Lucent Summer Beauty Oil is an herbaceous, lightweight facial oil containing 25 bio-active ingredients including American Ginseng and Lotus Flower and Leaf.  This complex will help balance, purify and soothe your summer skin. Regular use produces a clear, dewy and glowing complexion.



5YINA Lucent Summer Hydrolat is a potent toner – perfect as a base for 5YINA beauty treatments and as a refreshing mist on top of makeup. Containing bioactives such as Honeysuckle Flower, Green Tea and Lotus Leaves. You can use the mist anywhere to set your makeup or for an instant boost of hydration and a healthy, radiant glow.


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