With the cooling Fall weather and shorter days, we often begin to forget about skin protection from the sun. However, Fall is a great time to repair any damage done during the summer months. Here are six ageless skin care tips to heed with the changing season.

1. Sun Protection

Although typically UV indexes are lower in the Fall months, our skin still accumulates harmful sun rays. To avoid sun damage, layer up with clothing, head indoors, or use a sun shade such as an umbrella to protect your delicate skin. Sunscreen is also an option, but be sure to choose a brand with natural ingredients such as zinc oxide and other low-toxin protectants.

2. Hydration

One of the simplest things we can do to repair damaged skin is to hydrate! Drinking plenty of fresh water and apply skin moisturizers to rejuvenate after sun exposure. Also, with the cooling weather skin may be prone to dryness from lower air temperatures — adequate hydration helps seal skin against Mr. Frost.

3. Get Your Vitamin C

Products containing Vitamin C, such as the Vital C eye gel, are well-known to promote healthy skin. This is especially important for women over forty, since Vitamin C may reduce the appearances of dermal aging caused by sun damage or previous toxic make-up routines.

4. Visit the Dermatologist

The end of Summer is a great time to make an annual visit to the dermatologist. A check-up may reveal any hidden cancer precursors or spots that need removal.

5. Avoid PES

If you have recently gotten an end-of-summer sunburn, it’s best to leave the healing process to Mother Nature. Picking, exfoliating, and scrubbing (PES) affected areas can actually cause further damage. Instead apply all-natural aloe vera as the burn heals.

6. Topical Antioxidants

Improving the overall tone and uniform coloring of your skin may be as simple as the regular application of topical antioxidants. Skin care products that contain powerful antioxidants such as Green Tea, Seaweed, Pomegranate, and others may gently reduce blemishes caused by sun damage from the past.

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