Dawn Cowan, a natural skincare specialist at Votre Beaute Day Spa in San Diego, joins us to share her tips for using Astara Skincare. 

SCB: “Why do you choose to use Astara on your clients?”

Dawn: “I love their use of raw botanical ingredients, and cutting edge formulations to enhance the natural radience of skin across a variety of skincare types and concerns. The broad range of masks are my favorite!”

SCB: “We also love how this product line offers so many options to treat each skincare concern from start to finish. What would you reccomend for clients with acne?”

Dawn: “One of the great things about caring for acne and oil prone skin with Astara skin care products is that they come in a kit. So there is no question about which products should be used in conjunction with one another allowing you to pick up a new regimen at once after leaving a facial.”

Our acne focused kit contains five different skin care products made with natural ingredients. The products are listed below:

Blue Flame Purifying Treatment
Blue Flame Purifying Gel Cleanser
Blue Flame Oil-Free Moisturizer
Blue Fame Purifying Toning Mist
Blue Flame Purification Mask

Dawn attributes acne and oily skin problems to an over abundance of sebum coupled with dead skin cells, bacteria, germs and dirt. She recommends using cleansers with salicylic acid for acne treatment. Astara’s Blue Flame Cleanser uses Willow Bark as a Salicylic Acid alternative, along with toners, oil-free moisturizers, oil-free sunscreen, purifying masks and clays. Ideally, the products should be effective but gentle enough for daily use.

SCB: “Many of our clients have dry/aging skin and are looking to repair and replenish the skin with one quick fix.”

Dawn: “Yes, the quick fix we all want! I always suggest using a serum after cleansing, and the Age Defying Complex is great for cell renewal and deeply hydrating making it one of the best choices for an instant skin boost. Follow with an eye cream such as the Botanical Eye Treatment which is essential to any skincare routine. The eye cream will stimulate collagen and has anti-inflamatory properties.”

SCB: Great suggestions, we would always encourage sun protection for everyone by using a daily SPF. Coola Suncare Mineral Face SPF 30 Matte Tint is our go-to pick and it’s oil free, non-greasy and rich in antioxidants. Plus, it will protect your skin from both UVB and UVA rays.

To learn more about organic, natural products that may help alleviate acne and oily skin related woes, shop now.

**To book a consulation and facial with Dawn call (619) 549-4848 if you are in the San Diego, California area. Mention SCB and get $25 Off you next skin care service of $85 or more.

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