Cold Remedies with Zoe Organics

Since it’s cold and flu season in North America, we wanted to arm you with the top natural cold remedy should a cold strike in your family’s home. Today were intorducing you to an immunity/welness shot to put you on your best deffense and pump up your immunity.

What’s an immunity shot you ask? This is a high concentration of nutrient-dense ingredients to stop a cold or flu dead in its tracks. An Immunity/welness shot usually contaings lemon, ginger and other ingredients such as cayenne, or garlic. In our recipe we have focused on what our body needs when fighting the flu and a head cold.

Immunity Shot Recipe:

Oregano Oil
Lemon Juice
Warm Water

Shoot it at all once. Unfortunately it doesn’t taste good, but remember it’s good for you! Take the immunity shot at the onset of a cold or the flu. Increase the ginger intake if you have an upset stomach.

1. Lemon boosts immunity, and detoxifies the body & offers a nice dose of vitamin C.
2. Ginger aids an upset stomach and is a great expectorant to break up mucus in the lungs.
3. Oil of oregano helps to kill bacteria and helps the immune system take action against viruses.

We’re also in love with this winter must-have called the Zoe Organics Breathe Balm, which is a life saver for children and adults fighting a chest cold. Breath easier with Zoe Organics Breath Balm by simply applying it to your chest and taking a deep breath in. If you have a queasy stomach, don’t leave home without the Zoe Organics Refresh Oil.

This aromatherapy oil comes in an easy roll-on application which can be applied to the pulse points for instant relief.

Be well,

Merlyn & Chelly

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