Summer time means summer fun. As the hot days of mid-summer draw near, it is important to think about how you will practice safe sun. Our skin does need some exposure to sunlight to help us produce vitamin D. Too much sun, however, leads to those unpleasant sunburned days of trying to walk without our shorts brushing up against our knees.


Sunburn can be a painful reminder to use sunscreen. But which one? You want effective sun protection, but how can you find an environmentally conscious, non-toxic sunscreen?

  • Coola is a safe sunscreen made largely from organic and local ingredients.
  • Coola products are produced using solar energy.
  • The FDA does not regulate or require much from the sunscreen industry, so there is no incentive for most companies to improve their products. Coola follows the latest sun science, and can adjust their products accordingly to take advantage of new knowledge.
  • Coola offers different sunscreen formulas for different skin types.
  • Coola sunscreens are made with a minimum of 70% organic ingredients.
  • Coola is listed as one of the Environmental Working Group’s best sunscreens.

It is well known that one of the long-term effects of frequent sunburns is skin cancer. WebMD points out that other problems from too much sun exposure include possible heat strokes and vision problems. An increase in the number of cold sores may also be a long-term effect.

Wouldn’t you be happier to just put on a good sunscreen? Contact us, and we can help you determine which Coola sunscreen would be right for you.

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