We are excited to share our Tuesday Tip with you which includes a unique approach for applying organic mineral makeup. The secret is truely in the custom blending of our balancing, age repair and prevention facial oils from ISUN Skincare with a tiny amount of their mineral foundation powders to achieve the perfect coverage.

You customize your make-up by selecting the foundation color that best matches your skin tone and ISUN facial oil specific for your skin type. You can create a sheer or heavier coverage by using more or less powder.
The silky smooth liquid glides over the skin leaving an even skin tone and beautiful natural glowing skin.

Selecting an ISUN Facial Oil :

Over Age 30 (Dry Skin)

Intense Ultra Restore

Over Age 30 (Normal Skin)

Ultra Restore

Over Age 30 (Sensitive Skin)

Ultra Sapphire

Over Age 30 (Oily Skin)

Sunstone Facial Oil

Under Age 30 (Dry Skin)

Ruby Facial Oil

Under Age 30 (Normal/Sensitive)

Sapphire Facial Oil

Under Age 30 (Oily/Blemished)

Clarifying Serum

Step 1: Select foundation color to match you skin tone.
Step 2: Pick an ISUN Facial Oil specific to your skin type.
Step 3: Mix a dime sized amount of facial oil with mineral foundation.
Step 4: Create sheer or heavier coverage by using more of less powder.
Step 5: Apply evenly with a foundation brush or hands.

This mineral makeup application will result in the ultimate rejuvenating, healthy and natural looking coverage that gives your skin a lovely radiant glow.

An additional benefit is the UV sun protection that comes from both the high-level antioxidants present in the oils and the protection of the minerals (physical blocker).

ISUN Makeup holds the same high quality integrity as their skincare products, without added fillers or additives of any kind. The 100% pure and natural forumaltions come in 12 different foundation colors, 9 bluesh and shimmer shades, along with 21 brow and eye shadows. A variety of 5 different conceralers, 5 antioxidant lip balms and an amazing setting powder.

Happy mix and matching for the perfect organic makeup glow!

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