Fall Colors from Treat Nail Polish

Fall Colors from Treat Nail Polish

Life’s busy right? Every once in a while, you need to slow down and TREAT yourself! Nothing makes you feel more pulled together than freshly polished nails, ok maybe some lipstick too.

The Treat Collection is full of timeless and trendy colors to match every season and mood. We have collected a few of our favorites for this season, sure to provide a long lasting salon quality finish while also being natural.

So Chic – Is well, super chic for Fall. This is an electrifying violet shade that goes well with so many skin tones and outfits.

Buttoned Up– A dark midnight blue that is sophisticated and a little edgy.

Mint Julep – Reminiscent of cool mornings and trips to the pool, this color is a bright and peaceful nail polish. It’s great for those days you need something happy and calming.

Laughing Out Loud – A modern-day take on pearl, this polish follows a popular trend by adding a hint of violet to white. This polish brings classiness any time, any day.

Black Tie – Elegant, this polish oozes poise and glamour with it’s soft red hues. It’ll make you feel like a million bucks, even on those days you spend relaxing around the house.

The Treat Collection is a wonderful way to spice up your Fall wardrobe. It’s just that dose of self-indulgence that neither ruins your bank account nor leaves you with a bad conscience in a colorful and non-toxic way.

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