Our environment can be a harsh place in which our delicate skin must not only survive, but thrive.  Every day our skin comes into contact with environment toxins.  Even the sun, which is good for us in small doses, has harmful UVA (ultraviolet A rays) that cause rapid skin damage if our skin gets too much exposure.

Many cosmetic companies create inexpensive products by using chemical fillers, and inorganic materials in order to keep costs low.  These companies use mass production techniques that are not ethical and can be harsh when used for long period of time.

Women who want to look beautiful and enjoy the fun of applying makeup and playing up their best features, finally have a line of makeup that meets their needs without the need for cheap fillers.  Welcome to the world of Au Naturale:

Ashley Prange, the founder of Au Naturale brand set out to produce a line of organic and principled makeup products in response to a chemical filled market that is harmful to women’s skin.

The product line has a few essentials which include the clean powder foundation, which comes in many skin tones.  This light-as-air powder has a semi-matte finish for that wonderful air brushed effect. They also offer a gluten, talc, and paraben-free, vegan, cream foundation.  Both foundations have an SPF15 protection from the dangerous UVA rays of the sun.

For the lips, there are a few choices.  The Au Naturale line has an innovative  organic lip crayon which provides a long-lasting matte finish.  The only thing traditional about the lipstick  is the shape.  Made with a nourishing blend of avocado oil and cocoa butter, they also have a little macadamia nut oil for lip repair.

 For the woman who wants multi-tasking makeup, Au Naturale has a lip and Cheek Tint  made from organic ingredients.  This face refreshing cream base contains vitamins A and E and fruit extracts which are beneficial to the lips and skin.

The Bronzers come in either powder or stick, both with SPF 15 protection and active amino acids to promote healthy skin growth.   The Concealer is an all natural mineral cream  or powder that covers without harming the skin.

For the eyes, the Au Naturale eye shadow comes in 12 luminous shades made from natural mineral powders.  Apply the shadows either wet or dry or even as an eye liner with a cruelty-free vegan brush. There is also an all natural eye liner pencil to prevent irritation to the eyes.

The finishing touch in the Au Naturale line is the mineral Finishing powder which minimizes pores and shine and sets makeup for the day ahead.

If you are a woman interested in natural, vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free makeup, then you are the Au Naturale woman!


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