Get to Know Our Latest Favorites: One Love Organics

All of us here at Conscious Beauty are pleased to announce that our online store is now carrying items from One Love Organics. Founded by the Lerouxs, it’s an all natural skincare company and recently one of the only skincare companies to be ECO CERT certified. One Love Organics focuses on hand crafting plant based products that heal, nurture and improve the skin. They believe in being good stewards and make it a priority to donate a portion of their proceeds to organizations such as Green America and PETA. We’re delighted to have this incredible line join the line up of all-star products in our online store. Here’s a few of our personal favorites from the Essentials product line.

Heart-Shaped Cleansing Sponges

First off, we just have to say that One Love Organics heart-shaped cleansing sponges are downright adorable. They also manage to slough away dead skin cells without leaving that tight, irritating aftereffect common with so many other exfoliant skincare products. The sponges are designed to be soaked in warm water and squeezed before being used to massage and cleanse the skin each day. Afterward, they’ll need to be hung up to dry and periodically disinfected. Each one is affordably priced and should remain viable for about three months.

Right now, we have three varieties available for purchase and all of them contain proteins, vitamins and minerals essential for you skin. The three varieties are originalFrench pink clay and charcoal. The French pink clay sponge is perfect for dry, sensitive skin and the charcoal one is ideal for oily complexions. The original, on the other hand, should work for normal and all other skin types.

Dry Shampoo Powders

One Love Organics dry shampoo powder is made from pure, gentle ingredients like bamboo stems, rice starch, tapioca and Georgia kaolin clay. Perfect for those times when you don’t want to dry out your winter skin by taking excessive showers, or your simply short on time. Remember a little oil is healthy for your scalp and keeps the PH balanced. It’s safe enough to use daily and is designed to be get brushed from the roots to the tips of a person’s hair follicles. We’re loving application with a makeup brush!

Foaming Cleansers

In addition to cleansing sponges and dry shampoos, One Love Organics also produces a pair of foaming cleansers that we absolutely adore. One of them is fragrance free and jam packed with rosemary extract, aloe vera and chia oil. It comes in 5 ounce bottles and is safe to use, even if you’re prone to having outbreaks of contact dermatitis. The other one comes in an 8.8 ounce bottle and contains apples, Chilean soap bark and vegetable glycerin. Consequently, it’s excellent at keeping oily, acne prone skin in tip top shape.

Microderma Scrub & Masque

Good skincare requires more than just cleansers and a moisturizer. It’s also essential to periodically use scrubs and masques. One Love Organics handcrafts an incredible 2 in 1  microderma scrub and masque, meant to be used two to three times a week. It’s made from fabulous ingredients like pineapple and sweet pea flour.

Simply remove a small amount of the mixture from the bottle and add it to water, raw honey or Greek yogurt depending on whether you prefer a masque or a scrub. The masques will help tighten the skin and the scrubs will provide perfect exfoliation.

To continue learning more about One Love Organics product line, read here for part two of this post.

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