It is believed that people have been using cleansers to remove dirt from their faces since 2500 B.C. In those days, it was made from a crude mixture of ashes and melted animal fat. As civilization progressed, the soap making process started to change. Manufacturers began adding other ingredients in an effort to make their face cleansers more appealing than their competitors. Unfortunately, not all of those ingredients turned out to be good for our skin.


Some modern day skin cleansers contain ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate, which may rob your face of moisture. As a result, you’re apt to end up with flaky, lackluster skin. Other ingredients in present day face cleansers may also cause allergic reactions. Among the ingredients capable of triggering such reactions are benzoyl peroxide, resorcinol antibacterials and anionic surfactants. It also bears mentioning that anionic surfactants aren’t very good for the environment either. There have been many studies published on the topic, including one produced by theInstitute of Chemistry in 2002.

On a positive note, there are natural face cleansers that you can use instead. One company that produces natural face cleaners is Image Skincare Ormedic. They make a balancing facial cleanser that is quite wonderful. It is made with beneficial ingredients like camellia sinensis, aloe barbadensis leaf, chamomile, calendula and olive oil.

Another product to consider is Astara Botanical Cleansing Gel. It also contains aloe barbadensis leaf, camellia sinesis and candela. Other ingredients found in the company’s natural facial cleanser include bergamot, lavender, mandarin orange, grapefruit and seaweed. We should also mention that the cleansing gel may be used to wash your entire body.

If you have dry skin, you may also enjoy using ISUN Phyto Cleanse too. Avocado butter and coconut oil are just two of its moisturizing ingredients. They will help to make your face feel soft to the touch. The natural face cleanser contains Goji berries, honeysuckle, lemon and aloe vera as well.

For a closer look at natural face cleansers, contact us. We here at Conscience Products make a concerted effort to use non-toxic personal care items in our own lives. As such, we’d be more than delighted to make a few suggestions.

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