(CB) Marissa, thanks for catching up with us for this interview! You must be so busy preparing for the arrival of your twin Boys soon. Update (They arrived on June 30th). We’re curious as the founder and designer of Borelli how you have found time to balance staying fit and eating healthy while being pregnant with twin boys? 

(MB) I really started listening to my body when I became pregnant.  We found out early on it was twins and my doctor advised me to keep my workouts light to moderate until second trimester.  She also said to eat whatever I was craving, which was no longer green juices and shakes.  Morning sickness, or in my case, 11am-12midnight sickness meant I would only eat something green for breakfast.  Lunch and dinner were bland and usually heavy on carbs.  But then the 2nd trimester started, morning sickness disappeared and I started having a green shake everyday again for lunch and veggies and breakfast and dinner.  Before pregnancy I ate vegan 50% of the time, now I can’t get enough red meat.  I avoided it for almost 10 years but thankfully my body didn’t react negatively to it and I eat lean red meat 4 times a week now.  As far as fitness goes, some days you feel well enough to workout and some days you can’t get off the couch.  Lowering my expectations of sticking to a fitness routine helped.  I used to run 3-5 miles a day and take heated Pilates or yoga classes.  Once I got pregnant I avoided anything heated and ran 10-15 miles a week until 6 months.  I started walking 5 miles a day too, it tool longer but was MUCH easier on my body.  It also kept my mind off the morning sickness and kept me in shape.  Now that I’m in my last trimester (9 months!) I walk a few days a week, only 1-3 miles at a time and swim 2-3 days a week.  I should have started swimming earlier, I barely feel pregnant in the pool, other than my lowered lung capacity.  Basically I stay active but do everything at a slower pace.

(CB) What tips do you have for Conscious mom’s who are expecting to stay on track.

– Listen to your body.
– Lower your expectations.
– Constantly adjust your fitness routine, each trimester you may have different energy levels and lung capacity.
– Usually when you work out its mind over body, your body can be pushed much further than your mind allows.  But when you are pregnant (especially with twins) its the opposite.  It’s no longer your body.  When I push my body too far I spend the next few hours on the couch.  You have to change your mentality to body over mind.  When your body is tired, take a break.

(CB) Thanks for the great tips, its sounds like you were willing to listen to your body and adapt to the changes as they came which seems like it played a key role in a healthy pregnancy for you. Being the conscious momma that you are, we’re of course interested in hearing about what changes you made to your personal care products you use every day? 

(MB) My skin is super-sensitive already so luckily I didn’t have to change my entire skin and beauty regimen.  I was already using plant based facial products.  But I did have to find an all natural body moisturizer for my expanding belly.  Zoe Organics Belly Butter worked wonders.  My skin is supple and it kept the itching (from my skin stretching) to a minimum. For beauty I switched to Scotch Naturals for my at home pedicures since the formulation is water based, Ilia for bright lip colors and Suki Beauty for concealer.I also read that eating a ton of green veggies and a wide variety of fruit helps your skin retain its elasticity, we’ll see if that’s true in a few months!  Don’t forget to treat yourselves as well, I eat cookies almost everyday and have thoroughly enjoyed a few prenatal massages over the last 9 months.

Good luck mamas-to-be!

– Marissa Borelli Casellini

Founder, Designer at Borelli


Marissa is a graduate of the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York City and now the founder and designer of Borelli.Marissa’s fascination with combining fashion and athletics led her to work for companies such as lululemon athletica, Ralph Lauren, Swiss Army Victorinox, K-Active by Kerri Walsh and Green Apple Active. In 2011, she founded her own line of activewear, BORELLI Design.When she’s not helping clients build healthy brands, Marissa competes in half marathons and triathlons. She also loves to travel, bake for neighbors, and practice yoga. With an aesthetic that could be described as global, energetic and modern, Marissa brings a fresh and innovative approach to the active lifestyle market.


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