How to Take Care of Your Summer Skin


The temps are heating up and that means running, hiking, walking and patio-sitting—all outdoor activities that subject us to the sun. Even if you’re not purposely sun-bathing, any time spent outside can mean accidental over-sun exposure. So, what’s a gal (or guy) to do to prepare (and combat scorched skin if an overdose happens)? Read on to find out about the best ways to take care of your summer skin, pre- and post-sun.


Before you head out:

Prevention is the best way to beat sunburn, so we’ve rounded up a few products for you to prep your skin with before you head out the door.


  1. Botanical Me Apricot Aragn Oil: Keeping your skin hydrated daily is as important as using any type of sunblock. This serum infuses your skin with antioxidants, omega fatty acids and vitamins to plump, reduce fine lines and give brightness and lift to dull complexions. Bonus: It can be used to keep hair and cuticles hydrated too.
  2. Coola Suncare MineralFace SPF 20 Lotion: We should all know by now that we need to be wearing an SPF on our faces every day, regardless of how much time we plan to spend outside. Sun exposure is one of the top causes of premature aging and Coola’s tinted, moisturizing face lotion helps prevent wrinkles, sunspots and sunburn. The lightness of this cream is perfect for wearing under makeup and the rose scent has quickly become a must-have for me.
  3. Coola Suncare Sport Continuous Spray SPF 50: If you’re planning to be in the great outdoors for any lengthy amount of time, an easy-application sunscreen with a high SPF is a must. Coola’s farm to face formula is crafted with 70 percent organic ingredients like algae, strawberry extract and cucumber, and is a powerhouse at blocking the sun’s rays. It’s water-resistant up to 80 minutes too, so if you’re a water-sport player, put this on your to-buy list.
  4. Wallaroo Savannah Hat: Nothing beats the heat like a physical sunblocker, and this flexible, oversized hat is a stylish way to not look like you’re avoiding Mr. Sun. Not only is this one super cute (and doesn’t look gigantic on my petite head), it’s made with fabric that is naturally UPF 50+ (ultraviolet protection factor)—so it keeps your face and your hair protected.


After you’ve spent (too much?) time outside:

Sunburned or not, your skin needs extra care after you subject it to the sun gods. Here are a few of the best ones to rehabilitate your parched epidermis.


  1. Astra Golden Flame Hydration Mask: Heat can strip your skin of its water, leaving you looking aged, tired, pinched and dry. This mask from Astra is lightweight, but packs a hydration punch with aloe and vitamin e. Comfrey and calendula extract soothe and calm irritated skin, while a variety of fruit extracts help gently exfoliate away dryness.
  2. Image Ormedic Balancing Antioxidant Serum: The second step in rehydration is applying a leave-on that will seal in the goodness your skin soaked up from the mask. This antioxidant serum is super lightweight and won’t feel tacky or heavy on your summer skin. Its ingredients of Japanese green tea and aloe vera will help moisturize your face from the inside, leaving it balanced and glowing.
  3. Coola Radical Recovery After Sun Lotion: Sunburned skin needs more than just a light serum to bring it back from dryness. This lotion from Coola is clinically proven to provide relief from sunburn—its ingredient list boasts a plethora of skin-saving extracts, like agave (a hydrator that provides protection from natural elements), lavender oil (an anti-inflammatory that heals and rejuvenates over-exposed skin) and sunflower oil (an antioxidant that helps prevent sun damage). Use its on your face and body.
  4. Organic Bath Co. Drenched Organic Body Butter with Argan & Jojoba: It’s not just your face that might need rehab—your body is as likely to get a little sun-touched pink! Use this body butter from Organic Bath Co. to keep your skin from peeling or flaking. A combo of three different kinds of oils (jojoba, argan and almond) seal in moisture and combat dryness, while shea butter helps heal irritated skin.


Nicolle Mackinnon is a magazine editor and freelance writer, editor and social media consultant with an affinity for clean beauty, yoga and puppies. She blogs for No More Dirty Looks, and is the social media manager behind the brand. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for more beauty-related insight.

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