Guest blog post by: Jena Halman-Kincaid

What could wildcrafted herbs, quantum healing, living water, and ageless beauty possibly have in common? They are all incorporated into ISUN Alive and Ageless Skincare, an amazing beauty line that leaves your skin radiating.

ISUN has an extensive range of skin and body care products from foundation to bug spray to toner, this line has something to let the beauty shine in everyone. The two organic skincare products I am swooning for are the Sapphire Facial Oil and Emerald Sun Hydrosol. These two products complement each other perfectly and always leave my skin happy.

However, before I give you the scoop on those two products I want to take a moment to talk about ISUN as a whole. The name stems from the belief that we are all “a-sun” having eternal light and eternal beauty. Just saying the name ISUN itself is meant to evoke this belief and therefore its energy. Our skin is a reflection of our health and radiance internally, so by truly believing we are beauty and light our skin echoes these qualities. This organic skincare line is here to help illuminate these beliefs with the finest of skincare products and the energies they all contain.

Each one of ISUN Skincare’s ingredients are cold-processed and handled with the most delicate of care to ensure all the nutrients and energetic qualities remain intact. This delivers powerful nourishing ingredients directly to your skin to heal from within. Each step, from picking the wild herbs to bottling, has such love and positive vibration that it radiates to the products themselves. Leaving the consumer feeling renewed and luminous.

Not only are the products organic and wildcrafted but ISUN ensures they maintain integrity in every aspect. Their products are packaged in violet glass from Switzerland and never reach over 80 degrees during shipping. This ensures the contents remain as fresh as the day they were bottled. They also source fair trade ingredients and give to charity monthly. Plus, their entire line is void of harsh chemicals, toxic ingredients, and products tested on animals. ISUN is a company that not only talks the talk but walks the walk.

Bunnie Gulick, the founder, describes ISUN eloquently, “We have embraced the finest gifts from nature with the most powerful life-force energies and extraordinary nutritive values, and have skillfully formulated them into incomparable nourishment for the skin and overall well-being”. And just how nourishing are these products? Let me explain…

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog series next week.


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