Guest blog post by: Jena Halman-Kincaid, continued from ISUN Skincare Review Part 1

Emerald Sun Hydrosol Toner

This a toner like nothing I have ever used before…unique in every way. It balances, hydrates, and leaves my skin mellow and even-keeled. It comes in a pump dispenser, a way I have never seen a hydrosol packaged before.

I have come to realize that this is quite clever because there is no waste of overspray or uneven application. Emerald Sun has a slightly sweet floral scent but one that is ever so subtle and fades quickly upon application. The texture is slightly more viscous than water but still thin enough that it must be dispensed into a cupped palm to prevent spillage before application. Its color is translucent with a slight glowing tint. Honestly a color with which I cannot describe, almost as if it shimmers…but captivating nonetheless. I apply it with the pads of my index and middle fingers, two pumps of the hydrosol is the perfect amount to cover my entire face. Once it’s applied it becomes immediately absorbed to equalize my skin. Emerald Sun balances my skin so perfectly that in the daytime I have no need to wear a moisturizer. However, at night I always follow it with the Sapphire Facial Oil for extra benefits.

Unlike most toners which use filtered water as their base, Emerald Sun uses Ormus Living water. What’s Ormus water you ask? It’s basically the bees knees of all water…the wholly grail if you will. If you have ever wanted water on your skin, it’s this kind. Ormus is actually metal minerals from the platinum group that have assimilated with the water so they can permeate our skin. These minerals, once within the skin, in

crease the speed at which the cells repair themselves. Translating to more youthful and revitalized skin. Ormus is said to have a gold and blue transparent shimmer… perhaps explaining the indescribable color of the Emerald Sun Hydrosol I spoke of. This Ormus is found in the living water ISUN takes directly from deep springs found high in the mountains of Colorado. They then bless this water with positive intention and it replicates the message to our skin.

The Emerald Sun Hydrosol is a complex blend of herbs, Ormus water, phytoplankton, algae peptides, and hyaluronic acid. These organic skincare ingredients combine to synergistically soothe, hydrate, and repair the skin at a cellular level. Suitable for all skin types, it really is a product we can all benefit from. My skin has become less irritable and more predictable since I have started using this toner. The few small blemishes I get around my period have diminished and my skin is more even. Often times toners make no difference in my skin, and I rarely repurchase the same one twice. However, ISUN has changed that pattern, this is a product my skin is greatly thankful for and will be useful at any stage of skin maturity. To really give my skin a boost I follow the Hydrosol with the Sapphire Facial Oil at night.

The Sapphire Facial Oil This facial oil is alive, it’s addicting and intoxicating and draws me to use it. The smell of it alone has me hooked. It is subtly sweet yet clean and balanced, the scent I cannot put my finger on….but I know I love it. The oil feels light in my palm with a golden amber color. It just begs to be applied to my face, as if my body can feel its positive energy pulling it in. I then apply one drop to each part of my face and the rest goes on my neck and chest. The oil quickly assimilates to my skin and gives it an inner glow. It never leaves a greasy residue or that strange oily look some facial oils do. This oil is stellar. Sapphire Facial Oil is designed for normal to sensitive skin as it is packed with calming and balancing herbs and oils. Meadowfoam, rose-hip, and avocado oils plus other carefully selected wildcrafted/organic ingredients blend perfectly to hydrate at the cellular level. This oil is high in antioxidants which provide natural UV protection against the sun. I found that the minor redness I sometimes get around my nose was calmed and has virtually disappeared after two months of use. Also, the few fine lines I have faded somewhat…something I never expected organic skincare and this product but am stoked about.

One thing that did happen to my skin was a period of detoxing the first two weeks I used it. Their brochure warns that this “skin transition” may happen in rare instances and that it is the skin purging itself of toxins because of the high antioxidant level in the oil. The detoxing manifested itself with a few blemishes. At first I was disappointed but after reading the brochure I backed off to only once a day use, and a week or so later my skin became well adjusted with no more detox blemishes in sight. After months of use my skin is well moisturized, supple, and radiant…a total win all around.

If you recognize the life-flow and interconnected energies of all things ISUN is a skincare line you must try. Never have I come across a brand that so truly radiates its message. And never have I used products that literally call me to use them. Our bodies innate ability to heal itself becomes so clear when the things we put in it and on it are real and pure…and ISUN is both. The Emerald Sun Hydrosol is perfect for those looking to balance and protect their skin. Helpful to every skin type, it’s a great place to start in this extensive line. However, perhaps you are looking for a new moisturizer/facial oil. Tired of the ones that make only a slight difference in your skin. The Sapphire Facial Oil will give you real results, combating fine lines, reducing redness, and balancing moisture levels. There are so many ways your skin can benefit from ISUN Ageless Skincare. Which one will you choose?


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