Juicing for Beauty- Kale Conscience

What you put inside your body is more important to beautiful skin than what you put on it. We hate to break it to you, but there’s  no miracle potion you can slather on, to counter the effects of skin burdened by a body consumed with unhealthy food. When your digestive system is overly taxed, your skin will reflect that sluggish appearance with the need to detox your kidneys. This vital organ processes waste and toxins that come out in the form of blemishes among other problems. Fruits and vegetables are great for cleansing the system and transporting vital minerals to help beautify the skin.


I’m posting this on a Monday, because it is a great way to prepare for the week ahead with a big batch of green juice to get back on track. This recipe actually tastes great, and I find myself looking forward to a refreshing glass every time I make the “Kale Conscience.”

Shopping List:  

3 Leaves Kale  – An excellent source of beauty vitamins containing A,E, and C which have potent anti aging properties, and promote new cell growth.

1/4 Bundle Parsley – Speeds collagen production, and its other qualities can help regulate oil production, cleanse pores, and soothe tired eyes.

1 Apple  – Contains copper which helps you maintain Melanin, essential to protecting your skin from ultra violet rays.

1 Medium Carrot  –  Contain Beta Carotene an antioxidant that converts to Vitamin A. This helps to repair skin tissue.

1 Medium Cucumber  – Loaded with silica, essential for building connective tissue and also offer an alkalizing effect on your body and skin.

1 tbl spoon Ginger  – Helps to eliminate free radicals that can cause pre-mature aging.

2 Lemons  – Liver cleanser.


Start by chopping up the larger fruit and vegetables, and exercise more caution if you are using a blender or juicer that requires smaller slices. Layer the juice of two lemons, ginger, cucumber, one cup of ice and apple towards the bottom of the blender to create a juice base that helps in blending the larger rough cut veggies such as carrots towards the top.

I used a VitaMix Blender vs a juicer so that I can retain much of the pulp from the fruits and vegetables. If you allow your blend to settle for 15 minutes after blending, you can then scoop some of the pulp and foam off the top. The result is a delicious Kale Conscience smoothie!

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