When we started our search for conscience products to carry  for our customers, it seemed like  “natural” personal care products.  It would seems like a safe place to start right? As we looked at name brands like Alba Botanica sold at Whole Foods, you would think they’ve done the research to protect you or at the very least it must be better than what you usually buy at the drug store. WRONG…

Fragrance is added to personal care products that is worse for you than the organic ingredient formulation they start with!  Take for example Alba Botanica where in many cases they offer 80% USDA Organic Certified Ingredients. Most of us would tick the box after reading this, and toss it into the shopping cart. We have surprisingly found the majority of Alba Botanica products contain high levels of toxic fragrance or RETINYL PALMITATE (VITAMIN A PALMITATE).  The result is that your favorite shampoo smells like roses, but it is far from safe on your delicate skin, then quickly absorbed into the blood stream.

When we decided to carry a few Alba Botanica products on our website that met our  strict criteria, we made sure they were either fragrance free, or had an overall EWG (Environment Working Group) Skin Deep rating of 4 or lower. Another example I found was my husbands St. Ives Apricot Facial Scrub that he loved and used for years. This award winning “Natural” formula claims to be “gentle” and “mild”  while toping the scale on EWG  at a 7!! The fragrance, CETEARETH-20  , and toxic use of parabens makes this a perfect case for Green Washing. Shop safe friends!

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