If you are like many women, you may have watched the ABC News segment on eyelash extensions earlier this year in horror. It may have also given you flashbacks to the day that you learned about the dangers of taking eyelash growth drugs. The good news is that although both reports were very disturbing, you don’t have to give up hope on having stunning eyelashes.

Why? Because there are natural eyelash enhancers available on the market today that won’t change your eye color or send you running to the local emergency room. That’s because instead of using glues, synthetic materials and side effect laden medicines, they use organic ingredients to achieve remarkable results. One product that falls into that category is B True Beauty’s All Natural Eyelash Enhancer.

B True Beauty’s All Natural Eyelash Enhancer is derived from certified organic ingredients, antioxidants, vitamins and essential oils. They work in unison to condition, thicken and strengthen a person’s eyelashes and eyebrows. In turn, the eyelashes and eyebrows will take on an attractive, healthy appearance that you can feel wonderful about.

Some of the certified organic oils used in the natural eyelash enhancer’s creation are rosehip seed, castor, aragn and vitamin E. It also contains aloe vera and apricot kernel oil. Of those, the rosehip seed oil is exceptionally nice because of its inherent properties. It tends to absorb quickly and contains antioxidants. In recent years, antioxidants have been shown to prevent eyelash color loss and breakage. Of course the other oils come with their own inherent benefits too.

The company’s natural eyelash enhancer is best used daily before bed. That way, it has ample time to sink in and nourish your hair follicles. Feel free to use it with or without other organic eye care products. To learn more about natural eyelash enhancers and other similar products, please contact us at (970) 214-1335.

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