Natural Nail Polish: Making The Switch!


Have you ever walked into a salon and noticed that many of technicians are now wearing masks? Do you also notice that distinct chemical smell that permeates the air? As many of us are becoming more aware of chemicals in our environment, we are looking for more organic and natural products to use for our beauty routines.

I’ll never forget when a friend was pregnant for the first time and her doctor recommended she give up manicures. She said, “all I could think about was what was being absorbed into my body all these years while nobody advised I should be avoiding polish before getting pregnant.” For years, we have been using nail polish that smells and is toxic with little no alternative until now! We are delighted to carry a “5 free” Nail Polish line called TREAT.

Chemical based nail polish contain various chemicals such as, Tolune where a pregnant woman’s exposure to vapors during pregnancy may impair fetal development. Additionally many contain Dibutyl Phthalates, which stops the polish from chipping. This chemical has reportedly caused birth defects and can cause skin problems when it’s absorbed into the body through the skin. Lastly many chemical nail polishes can also contain Formaldehyde or Formalin, which, as you know, is used to embalm bodies and is a known carcinogen. Why would you want these types of chemicals anywhere near you, your absorbant nail beds, your skin or your kids, when there are healthier options available that actually perform the same OR BETTER!?

The Benefits of Natural Nail Polish

• No toxic fumes to inhale. Nail polish doesn’t have that awful chemical smell that regular nail polish has. If you don’t have to inhale it, your body doesn’t have to absorb it.

• Natural nail polishes can be longer lasting than regular nail polish. The average person who uses Treat Nail Polish enjoys a 10 day manicure!

• They contain an acrylic acid base which is odorless, colorless and non-toxic. That means your kids can paint their nails, just like you. Without having to take on any of the risks of regular nail polish.

• It comes in a vast array of fab colors!

Natural nail polish is a great choice for kids and people who wish to incorporate more natural products into their homes. If you prefer a salon manicure (who doesn’t), many carry natural polishes. If they do not, then bring your own for the manicurist to use and don’t forget to say no to cuticle softener, callus removers and that nasty pink lotion. Bring one of our favorite sugar scrubs to help exfoliate, moisturize and soften your feet and hands.

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