Organic Baby Products: Essentials for a Newborn

If you’re expecting a new baby in the family, there are a few essential products you’ll need on hand when your little bundle of joy arrives. Take the time now to prepare for your baby’s arrival, because you’ll likely find yourself short on time and sleep later! Follow our easy guide below to help you identify the right Organic baby products. You’ll feel more confident when your baby’s soft skin needs a bath, your nipples are sore from breastfeeding or you’re in the midst of a diaper change, knowing you have safe AND effective products.

Why Organic? These products are made of all-natural ingredients and will not have traces of potentially hazardous ingredients. Synthetic products often contain chemical fragrances, enzymes, and other ingredients that are too harsh for delicate newborn skin. Here’s a list of the top essential organic baby products available in our store to prepare for your new baby:

1. Diaper Balm – Co-Founder Chelly’s Favorite

Most newborn babies use about 9-15 diapers per day! To properly treat diaper rash or irritation that may pop up from time to time, make sure to let baby’s bottom dry in between diapers and then apply an organic balm to cover the entire affected area until the rash is gone. Zoe Organics Diaper Balm is crafted with 8 natural ingredients to soothe and calm diaper rash and irritation while also protecting skin from moisture and bacteria.

2. Bath Wash

Many of the commercially available baby washes contain artificial fragrances, an ingredient that is not tolerated well by newborn skin. Instead, use an unscented organic bath wash or something infused with a light essential oil fragrance. You’ll need to bathe your newborn about once every 3-4 days or as prescribed by a physician. For their first few months we also reccomend our Zoe Organics Baby Bath Tea, a lovely bath “tea” that keeps baby’s skin moisturized and clean in the most gentle way.

3. Lavender Oil

You may want to try a lavender oil, mixed with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil to reduce its potency (otherwise it is too strong for a newborn.) A few drops can be rubbed on the outside of crib posts to encourage sleepiness. It also gives a soothing aromatherapy effect and can be used in diffusers. This oil has anti microbial, and anti fungal properties too.

4. Nipple Balm

This is mostly for a nursing mother’s benefit, but it also helps babies feel relaxed if mom is more comfortable during feedings. Even experienced mothers find the first few days of breastfeeding to be a little uncomfortable. A nipple cream like Zoe Organics Nipple Balm helps sooth chapped skin and restore delicate tissues with avocado and olive oil. Using an organic nipple cream is best, since your baby will ingest traces of the product.

5. Essential Oil Air and Fabric Freshener

Since your nursery will be producing a lot of dirty diapers, an air freshener will help neutralize the air. Botanical Me Clean Thyme Air and Fabric Freshener is a natural, essential oil odor reducer to place anywhere around the home as needed, or fluff pillows to deodorize and purify the air.

Which essential newborn products have you found most helpful? Contact us for more details on any of our health conscious products.

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