Some refer to it as our crowning glory. Others have mentioned it in songs, pieces of literature and art. Yes, we are referring to our hair. Despite its illustrious position, it often gets abused in the name of beauty. We tease it, heat it and dye it with chemicals. The chemicals can also cause us subsequent health problems. The good news hair care doesn’t have to be that way.

Today, there are organic hair care options to choose from. A good example is hair conditioner made from virgin coconut oil. You may remember reading about it in an interview that we published on our blog in June 2013. The interview was with Leba. She is from the island of Vanua Levu Fiji and helps us by hand pressing virgin coconut oil. The oil is part of our organic hair care collection.

We like to use the organic, hand pressed oil as a hair conditioner because it is said to moisturize our bodies as well as provide some protection from environmental toxins. Coconut oil is found in other organic products too. Among them are shampoos, bath and body oils from Pure Fiji. The company’s shampoos are sulfate free. For those of us looking to avoid unnecessary skin irritation, that’s a positive thing.

Of course using an organic hair care product is not the only thing that we can do keep our crowning glory looking gorgeous. We can also avoid using additional items that cause our hair harm. Other things that tend to destroy our hair are elastic bands, blow dryers, straightening irons and curling irons. The elastic bands and other hair accessories like it put pressure on our hair shafts. That pressure, in turn, helps to promote split end formation and breakage. The heating elements can cause similar problems as well as burns.

To learn more about how to care for your hair organically, please contact us. At Conscience Products, we make discovering organic hair products a snap.

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