More people than ever before are becoming aware of the prevalence of  cosmetic toxins in many of the products found at make-up counters and in retail stores. Various brands of foundation, eye liner, lipstick, nail polish and mascara have been found to contain potentially dangerous substances that are not meant to be exposed to the inner human body. Long-term topical use of products with high levels of these chemicals has been linked to health problems, including higher rates of cancer. Plenty of natural, organic cosmetics are available as safer and healthier alternatives.

Carcinogenic Substances Found in Some Cosmetics

Some types of eye mascara have been found to contain thimerosol, a compound formulated with mercury. This toxic substance easily absorbs through the skin, and long-term exposure can lead to neurological problems as well as chronic skin allergies.

Eye shadows made with shimmer and sparkle are sometimes formulated with talc, a compound that has been linked to increased likliehood of ovarian or liver cancer. Good alternatives include eye make-up made with natural charcoal and similar ingredients. Some other dangerous metals and other substances found in make-up products include traces of lead, cadmium, thallium and even arsenic.

Ingredients are listed in small print on most cosmetic products, but under many existing laws manufacturers are not required to list possibly hazardous substances on labels. Some dangerous toxins are actually byproducts of other ingredients, and they only appear after the products have been applied to the skin; this often happens with certain types of moisturizers.

At Conscience Products, we strive to be an educational resource for our customers about cosmetic products that are safe and that do not contain these dangerous trace chemicals. Organic cosmetics contain only ingredients found in nature, and the products detailed on our site will help to keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful. For further information, you can contact us through our website or Facebook page.

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