Q & YAY with Prim Botanicals

Q & YAY with Prim Botanicals 

Say Mabuhay (that’s hello in Tagalog!) to Prim Botanicals, one of the newest additions to Shop Conscious Beauty. We sit down with brand founders and childhood friends Stefanie Walmsley and Victoria Williamson to find out more about this all-natural beauty brand raised in the Philippines and based in New York.



How did Prim Botanicals begin?


Prim began out of sheer desperation- Stefanie had rosacea and incredibly reactive, sensitive skin, and found nothing that could work or that she could actually afford/ understand. After numerous classes, endless nights of research, and the help of our in-house aesthetician… Prim was born. The name comes from Evening Primrose and has a nice clean ring to it. To keep things balanced, our LLC is called Not Proper since we may be Prim, but we aren’t always proper!


What inspires you most?


We’re most inspired by the Philippines where we were born and raised. We try and source as many tropical ingredients as possible to pay homage to our roots and pass on the wisdom we grew up with but had previously taken for granted!


We have had many instances where three generations use Prim. The daughter shares it with her mother, who shares it with her mother- and it’s wonderful! We regularly receive notes from new moms and busy working women who write to us thanking us for giving them a few moments to truly indulge and focus on themselves. That means the world!


What is your favorite Prim Botanical product? 


Stefanie: This truly depends on the day of the week! Right now I’m on vacation and don’t know what I’d do without the The Body Oil and The Hair Oil (fights humidity in the tropics!).
Victoria: Hands down, The Body Oil. In fact, when Stefanie and I initially started working together, I told her she could pay me in the form of free body oil for life, and that would be just fine (and I wasn’t kidding)! It’s truly become something I cannot live without, and it’s more than just a product — it’s a ritual. The smell alone is enough to get you hooked, but the fact that it’s visibly improved my skin tone (thanks to star ingredients Andiroba & Pracaxi) I could never imagine using lotion again. Some people are scared to try body oil because they anticipate a greasy mess, but our oil truly absorbs into your skin within just a few minutes, leaving your nourished and glowing.


I had given up on perfume because I couldn’t find anything that lasted for more than a half hour, but our perfume oil Mademoiselle Swell has serious staying power is so compact & easy to travel with- I have it in my bag at all times!


What else can we expect from you ladies in the near future?


We are actively working on developing the perfect clean-rinsing oil cleanser, and are looking into expanding our cosmetics line. We want to test new seasonal products too.


Stefanie is getting married in February so all her guests are getting a “Magic Mist” spray to help refresh the skin post sun and to help treat burns and bites. If the response is as great as we think it will be- we will add it to our website!


Can you share a beauty tip (or two) with us?


Stefanie: You likely already know this, but water, sleep and washing your face before bed are your best friends!
Victoria: For me, the amount of water I drink (or don’t drink), and how much sleep I get (or don’t get) truly shows on my face. It’s important for people to realize that you can’t expect a product to do its job if you aren’t getting enough sleep or haven’t drank enough water. After years of searching for “miracle products” and trying everything under the sun, I’ve found these are the two main factors that ‘make or break’ how healthy my complexion looks in the morning. I’m also a big believer in only washing my face at night, only rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water in the morning.


Where can we find you when you’re not working? 


We are always working! But, truth be told, we regularly have meetings at great restaurants, over tequila-based cocktails (some of the better ideas have occurred this way) and consider all beauty treatments and shopping adventures to be part of “research and development”.


We are so lucky to have retail partners in places like the Hamptons, California, Belgium, The Philippines and Singapore, so a business trip to visit any of these sounds like a pretty good work trip to me. When you are a startup, you kind of have to accept that you will be working around the clock- so may as well make the most of it!

You can shop Prim Botanicals from Shop Conscious Beauty here.

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