Spring Detox with Natural Nail Polish

One often overlooked aspect of natural beauty care is nail polish. You might be thinking, that those nails are a thick and protective layer on top of your nail bed, so what could possibly be wrong with slathering on a shiny coat of chic, colorful lacquer? Bad news. Nails absorb up to 25% of their weight in water with one soak. It just so happens that your nails are extremely porous so its very important to use a safe water-based formulation to minimize your exposure to toxins.

Read on to learn about the beautiful benefits of using natural nail polish with a wide array of Spring colors from Scotch Naturals!

Spring Clean

Natural nail polishes are free of the chemicals and other toxic ingredients found in conventional polishes. There are no phthalates, formaldehyde, toluene, ethyl, acetate, or heavy metals. “Yay” for better health! The lack of these harmful synthetics means fewer side effects for most users. Did you know many of those ingredients are known to cause cancer, reproductive harm, headaches, and other ill effects? Because the ingredients in natural nail polishes are derived from nature, that means working conditions in the manufacturing facilities are better too. You can feel good knowing you are supporting your health and the health of others with the purchase of natural nail polishes.


Using water-based ingredients and natural sources of coloring, natural nail polishes are better for the environment. In California, conventional nail polish is classified as hazardous waste (aka don’t throw it in the trash) but hey, feel free to apply it to your skin! EEK. It takes less passive energy to produce these products and the result is a polish that doesn’t harm if spilled or disposed.

Spring Colors

At first, it may be difficult to imagine the same bright colors of conventional polishes in a water-based option, but it’s true! Our Scotch Naturals nail polishes come in vibrant colors of reds, pinks, blues, and hues of all shades. The Detox Kit from Scotch Naturals provides you with a Base Coat, Choice of Polish and Top Coat in one easy kit. And, drum roll please…. they are now on sale!

Safe for Pregnancy and Children

During pregnancy, expecting mothers must be especially prudent with their choices of beauty products. Nail care is no exception. Water based nail polishes are a safe options since there are no harmful chemical solvents to enter the bloodstream or harm your lungs. Children with developing bodies and minds can use them too! Check out our selection of natural nail care products including polishes, removers, and nail detox kits.

Contact us with any questions about our line of organic, natural, and health conscious beauty products for men, women, and children.

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