Anti Aging

  • What are Jade Rollers + How to Use Them

    Curious what Jade Rollers are all about? Alicia Keys uses it on her skin to maintain a glowing makeup-free complexion, and top models Behati Prinsloo and Miranda Kerr regularly get holistic facials incorporating the tool. They may seem like a newfangled facial tool, but the Chinese has long revered jade for its translucent colors and durability, […]

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  • What are Hydrosols?

    What are Hydrosols and how are they used? Is it the same as a toner, or astringent? This is a question you may ask yourself, and with many uses the answer is not so simple. Hydrofoils are incredible and have so many uses. They are comprised of fragrant water, in the form of a mist, or […]

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  • Benefits of Exfoliation

    Does your skin cleaning routine include exfoliation? If you’re just cleaning your face with soap or a facial cleanser, it generally isn’t enough. Regardless of your skin type, a good exfoliating product will rejuvenate your skin and should be included in all beauty routines.  Consider these benefits: Helps to maintain clean, clear skin If you’re looking […]

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  • A Botox Alternative with Acupuncture

    The usual response I get when I tell people that I am in graduate school for Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a blank stare, then the question, “what does that mean?”.  You see, most people have heard of acupuncture or Chinese herbs, but Traditional Chinese medicine is a complete system of medicine that […]

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  • When was the last time you treated yourself to a facial? Even with a regular skincare regimen at home, it’s important to give your face some extra TLC on from time to time. That’s just what the doctor ordered for me this Sunday, now I’m feeling relaxed and refreshed after the weekend. Seeing an esthetician […]

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