Baby Care

  • What are Hydrosols?

    What are Hydrosols and how are they used? Is it the same as a toner, or astringent? This is a question you may ask yourself, and with many uses the answer is not so simple. Hydrofoils are incredible and have so many uses. They are comprised of fragrant water, in the form of a mist, or […]

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  • The Best Belly Butter for Pregnancy

    There are many amazing changes that happen to your body during pregnancy, and there happens to be a few that are less than ideal. Some of the most significant changes happen as your stomach stretches to accommodate the beautiful life you are growing inside.  Stretching skin can become dry, itchy and for some, leave stretch marks when the […]

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  • Organic Baby Products: Essentials for a Newborn

    If you’re expecting a new baby in the family, there are a few essential products you’ll need on hand when your little bundle of joy arrives. Take the time now to prepare for your baby’s arrival, because you’ll likely find yourself short on time and sleep later! Follow our easy guide below to help you […]

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