Natural Skincare

  • Astara Skin Care Offers a Natural Solution to Common Acne Woes One of the great things about caring for acne and oil prone skin with Astara skin care products is that they now come in a kit. So there is no question about which products should be used in conjunction with one another allowing you […]

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  • The Art of Double Cleansing

    There is a new way of cleansing your face that beauty experts swear by: Double Cleansing. So what exactly is this buzz all about, and does it take twice as long? People are making bold claims about it taking years off their faces, or that it helped maintain a dewy complexion. If your skin is pretty cooperative, then we highly recommend you give this method a try. If your skin is temperamental or in cases of cystic acne we suggest you skip double cleansing.

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  • A California group of teens commits to natural skincare, and re-packages many of our favorite products from Astara Skincare! Learn more from Astara founder Sunny, on why she created this botanical based skincare line.


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