When was the last time you treated yourself to a facial? Even with a regular skincare regimen at home, it’s important to give your face some extra TLC on from time to time. That’s just what the doctor ordered for me this Sunday, now I’m feeling relaxed and refreshed after the weekend. Seeing an esthetician or skincare professional will help give you proper analysis of your skin. This can be very helpful if you’re not quite sure what your skin type is, or misdiagnosed skin types can lead to the wrong use of products, and cause further irritation to the skin.

Most importantly a facial will relax you, so take the time to research a nice day spa and book in  at a time when you can wind down your day. To start, your facial will include deep cleansing, and massaging of the facial tissue to increase circulation and remove dirt and dead skin. Your skincare specialist will soften and stimulate the skin with hot moist towels or steam. Extracting will then take place by opening up comedones that help clear acne and clogged pores, and improve skin tone. Facials are also great preventative treatment to slow down aging, and beat wrinkles before they occur. That’s the idea right, stop them dead in their tracks…

Be sure to research an esthetician that uses non-toxic skincare products, and if you don’t recognize the product lines they are using, feel free to contact us and were happy to research it prior to your visit. Be confident in your skin!

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