Women have been decorating their fingernails for centuries. In the early years, the perfect look was often created with the aid of natural oils, powders, vegetable dyes and creams. Those items were typically rubbed into the fingernails until the user was happy with the resulting color. However, that all changed in the 1900s. By the time 1917 rolled around, commercially made nail polishes started to hit the market.

Once it did, nail polish manufacturers started playing around with various ingredients to create an array of colors. As such, the ingredients used in the production of commercial nail polishes varied by brand. That trend continues to this day. It’s also the main reason why it is always a great idea to read what’s in each bottle of nail polish. When doing so, you may be surprised at what you find.

Depending on the brand, you could run across ingredients that are also used to embalm the dead (formaldehyde), paint cars and light fireworks (nitrocellulose). Other items often found in some nail polishes are plasticizers, nylon, resins, adhesive polymers and manmade dyes.

Does the idea of willingly exposing your body to those types of ingredients give you the willies? If so, take heart. There is a natural alternative. It comes to us courtesy of Scotch Naturals. Scotch Naturals doesn’t include the alarming ingredients that we previously mentioned. It’s a water-based, eco-friendly, non-toxic nail polish that you can feel great about bringing into your home. It also comes in an array of trendy, gorgeous colors. Some of the Scotch nail polish colors currently on offer are:

  • Morning Glory (lavender)
  • Queen of Scotts (purple)
  • Flying Scotsman (blue)
  • Whisper (pink)
  • Blimey (green)

At this point, you may be wondering where you can find Scotch nail polish? Like you, we here at Conscience Products focus on using non-toxic, personal care items. As such, we keep an assortment of Scotch Naturals’ products in stock. Our assortment includes all of the hottest colors as well as nail detox kits and soy based nail polish removers. Shop for your new Scotch Naturals polish color here. To find out more about them and the other non-toxic, personal care products available, contact us.

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