Many people are not aware that aluminum is present in their deodorant. It seems like an odd ingredient to apply to your skin topically, and we have already been cautioned to avoid it in things like the pans we use for cooking. The purpose of this post is to provide a better understanding of the health concerns with using aluminum-based deodorant.

Several different forms of aluminum are present in anti perspirant deodorant. The aluminum based product is applied directly onto sensitive skin and easily absorbed into your lymphatic system and blood. Consider for a moment how vulnerable you are when putting the deodorant on a freshly shaven armpit that may be open wounds allowing quicker penetration and irritation. Aluminum has been scientifically linked to a few different diseases such as Alzheimer’s and breast cancer. Aluminum deposits have also been found in the brain tissue of Alzheimer’s patients.

How does aluminum work? It is drawn into your skin along with water which causes the aluminum particles to swell. The swelling blocks sweat glands, so you are unable to release perspiration. The problem with this is that sweating is our body’s natural way of releasing heat and toxins. If we are unable to sweat, we are incapable of releasing harmful toxins and you body may over heat. It is not uncommon for the blockage of sweat glands to cause the formation of abscesses in the armpit as well.

Luckily, responsible cosmetic companies recognize the need for an alternative to these aluminum-based anti perspirants that act as effective deodorants. You do however have to get comfortable with your body sweating as deodorant will not block sweat. Companies like Lavilin have created an all-natural and effective deodorant. Lavilin works effectively to neutralize underarm odor allowing you to confidently wear it year-round. There is no need to put your health at risk when there are great alternatives available!

We recommend starting to swap our your anti perspirant for a natural deodorant on days when you don’t need as much coverage. Think Sunday, or adopting the new routine during the winter and cooler months. By Summer, you will have transitioned with confidence and find that you can go up to 6 days without another application of Lavilin products (see Lavilin Cream) once your body adjusts. The formula is the most effective natural deodorant we have tried on the market, and trust us, it’s been many years of trial and error over the years!

It is important to comprehend the health risks of traditional aluminum based anti-perspirant deodorant. Take a look at your current deodorant and check the ingredients. If you see aluminum, or parabens which you likely will, consider throwing it out. You can also scan the products you currently use, with the EWG app to assess it’s toxicity. You deserve a safe alternative to traditional deodorant.

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