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5YINA Quiescent Winter Hydrolat

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An ultra-hydrating elixir to instantly calm, nourish, and protect your winter complexion.

This multi-tasking toner features adaptogenic plants such as rhodiola in a base of skin-healing botanical essences. Replenishes essential skin nutrients, soothes irritations, and grounds energy with every mist.

Perfect as a primer to enhance your 5YINA beauty treatments. When combined with 5YINA oils and serums, this elixir creates a micro-emulsion to allow active ingredients to penetrate more deeply.  Or finish your makeup with the mist to create a dewy look.

Mist anytime and anywhere for a healthy, luminous, and supple complexion.


    This cardio-protective berry is rich in antioxidants such as OPCs (oligomeric procyandins) and quecertin to fend off free radicals and prevent oxidative damge. Helps promote circulation and brighten the complexion.
    A prized adaptogenic botanical which contains super antioxidants to enhance energy, stimulate elastin production and strengthen skin barrier.
    The distillate from this ancient tree helps balance pH and mildly cleanse the skin.  Gently grounds the energy for a meditative state.