Hubalou was founded in 2012 by Sarah Masciana and is the home of the Hubalou Wrap, an absorbent, lightweight and gentle hair towel created to be used in place of terrycloth or microfiber towels.

At her stylist’s recommendation, Sarah Masciana, Hubalou’s founder, began using a cotton t-shirt to dry her hair prior to styling and to help keep her natural curls together. Her stylist, Ryan Carrel, put it best: ”terrycloth and microfiber act like Velcro—their texture grabs individual hairs, pulling curls apart, causing breakage and adding to frizz.” While she found this to be true, after a few months of the t-shirt she wanted something more suited for hair care—and something more luxurious. After testing with various hair types and materials, the bamboo-fiber Hubalou Wrap was born. She not only found the right material, but through her testing discovered the new hair towel was great for almost any hair type—not just curls.