About Us

We’ve curated personal care products that provide exceptional performance and promote health-conscience living: organic, natural and sustainable products make your healthy and responsible choices easy!


With the list of toxic ingredients found in personal products growing, we decided to put the power of information in your hands by making sure our products meet these criteria: Our products must score a 4 or lower on the Environmental Working Group’s (

  1. Our products must score a 4 or lower on the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Skin Deep Hazard Rating System.

    You can even look up the products you are currently using in the Cosmetic Database maintained by EWG, to see how they stack up! (EWG) Another great tool is the ThinkDirty App which empowers ingredient conscious consumers to choose the right personal care and beauty products.

  2. Our products are chosen to support the causes we all care about. Look for any of our five “Conscious Symbols” to see their benefits.


We’ve recognized that green can mean different things to different people. On each of our conscious product pages, you’ll find ingredient lists provided by the companies behind them, so you can quickly shop according to the issues that matter to you most.

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