• 5YINA Enlighten Spring Hydrolat

5YINA Enlighten Spring Hydrolat


A  glow-inducing elixir of healing plant essences to instantly soothe and refresh the complexion and senses. Formulated with time-honored Chinese medicinal herbs, antioxidant-rich plant extracts, and skin softening humectants in a base of aloe and floral waters to heal, brighten, and protect skin. Perfect as a primer for 5YINA beauty treatments or as a silkening mist on top of makeup. Mist anytime and anywhere for an instant boost of hydration for dewy, luminous skin.


  • ROSE
    A prized floral essence that heals wounds, refines skin texture, and moisturizes delicate, sensitive skin.  Each ounce of rose essential oil is derived from tens of thousands of rose blossoms. A liver smoothing herb in Chinese Materia Medica.
    We sourced for this rare, wildcrafted, silver needle tea from the remote mountains of Fuding, South China. Contains more catechins than green tea. White tea is incredibly powerful in preventing oxidative stress and helps to enhance brighter, plumper, and more resilient skin.
    A Chinese Medicine mushroom, poria contains micronutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties to help strengthen skin, reduce uneven pigmentation, and prevent acne.