• ISUN Blackhead Solvent Oil 10ML

ISUN Blackhead Solvent Oil 10ML


ISUN  Blackhead Solvent Oil softens clogged pores. Deep penetrating jojoba oil and nourishing rosehip seed oil are blended with purifying and decongesting essential oils to help soften pore congestion and support detoxification with antimicrobial activity.

*Jojoba oil; *Rosehip Seed oil; *Lavender oil; *Lemongrass oil; *Lemon Tea Tree oil; *Manuka oil; *Rosemary extract *Organic or Wildcrafted

How to use:
Cleanse. Apply on blackheads or congested pores. Lay hot, wet cloth over area for 10 minutes, or steam skin. Then gently scrub skin with your choice of ISUN exfoliant (Rhassoul Refining Exfoliant or Phyto-Enzyme Exfoliant) and rinse. Or Apply to target area and leave on overnight.