ISUN Kapha Balance Oil 200ML


ISUN Pitta Balance Oil helps balance excess pitta symptoms & is traditionally formulated with cooling oils & calming & purifying herbs such as sandalwood, neem, shatavari, coriander & others. Essential oils include sandalwood, vetiver, jasmine, frankincense, bergamot & more.

ISUN Kapha Balance Oil - The herb-infused kapha oil helps balance excess kapha symptoms & is traditionally formulated with light oils & purifying, stimulating herbs like calamus root, manjista, ginger, pippli & others. Essential oils include cassia, grapefruit, juniper berry, ginger, pink pepper tree, peppermint & more.
Kapha Balance Oil stimulates circulation helping to reduce excess fluids, fat & toxins and increases mental alertness & elevates mood ◊ Helps warm & dry the body