• ISUN Peptide Eye Gel 10ML

ISUN Peptide Eye Gel 10ML


Peptide eye gel: Vital deep penetrating and lasting hydration for surrounding eye tissue with pure plant-source sodium hyaluronate and glycoaminoglycans provide the base of our eye gel.

Infused with a concentrated organic herb complex, redness is calmed and skin is firmed. Organic cucumber & rose distillates are added to soothe and freshen eye tissues. An Amazon tree bark extract and plant-derived peptides help reduce puffy eyes and dark circles. No fillers, gelling agents or oils are used in this 100% active ingredient product.

Special Features

  • Cecropia obtuse bark extract from the Amazon region stimulates lymphatic drainage and blood flow helping to eliminate water retention (puffy eyes) and congestion that can cause stagnation of blood (dark circles). It also activates lipolysis which helps eliminate accumulated fat cells that cause eye bags.
  • Soya & Wheat derived peptides enhance elasticity and help reduce eye puffiness.

Herb-infused *Rose distillate (*Aloe vera gel, *Life everlasting, *Gotu kola, *Gingko, *Chamomile, *Green tea, *Milk thistle seed, *Eyebright, *St Johns wort, Echinacea, *Shavegrass, *Lemon balm, *Lavender, *Butchers broom); Veg Glycerin; Rice bran & Soya peptides; *Buddleja ext; Cucumber distillate; Aspen bark extract; Hyaluronic acid; *Cecropia bark ext; Xanthan gum*Organic or Wildcrafted

How to use:
Using only than a tiny drop of the gel on cleansed skin morning and night for 15 days will show a visible reduction in puffy eye bags and dark circles, while the hydration effect is immediate from the first application. Note: 15 days of morning and night application are recommended to reduce or eliminate dark circles.