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ISUN Lavender-Sage / Facial Cleansing Gelé 120ML

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ISUN Lavender-Sage / Facial Cleansing Gelé - hydrating cleanser for all skin types, ideal for normal, T-zone, oily & blemished skin

Fragrant organic lavender and sage essential oils impart a feeling of refreshing calm as skin is deeply purified with this silky, hydrating cleansing gele’. The pure rosemary hydrosol base infused with antioxidant and antimicrobial herbs is enriched with wild-crafted Tibetan goji berries, Amazon rainforest acai, Hawaiian noni and grapeskin extract to nourish and protect skin. Soothing herbs and flowers are infused to calm irritated skin. No harsh detergents are used - only saponifed olive oil is used to cleanse. The balanced pH of ISUN’s cleansers protect and enhance the skin’s natural acid mantle and moisture barrier to help maintain a healthy hydrated and balanced complexion. After cleansing, skin feels fresh, dewy-soft, hydrated and nourished.

Herb-infused *Aloe vera juice (*Aloe vera juice, *Lavender fl, *Lemon balm lvs, *Neem lvs, *Rosemary lvs, *Echinacea fl, *Green tea lvs, *Life Everlasting fl, *Calendula fl, *Comfrey lvs, *Malva fl); Coconut/Palm Oils (and) Plant Polysaccharides (Sodium lauryl glucose carboxylate (and) Lauryl glucoside); Vegetable glycerin; *Rosemary distillate; *Lavender distillate; *Goji berry ext; *Acai ext; Aspen bark extract; Xanthan gum; *Lavender oil; *Sage oil; *Lemon tea tree oil; *Rosemary oleoresin pH 5.5

How to use:
Use fingertips to massage approximately 2 pumps into damp or dry skin. Rinse with warm water. Cleanse 2X if wearing make-up foundation.