• ISUN Rosemary Hydrosol Mist 30ML / 50ML

ISUN Rosemary Hydrosol Mist 30ML / 50ML


ISUN Rosemary Hydrosol Mist – Pure Rosemary distillate is infused with synergistic herbs including stevia, a natural skin humectant. Rosemary has strong antioxidant and antimicrobial properties and is calming to inflamed skin.

It is an ideal toner and general mister to use on blemished or irritated skin. It is also excellent for any skin type for antioxidant protection. Aloe vera and panthenol are added to soothe skin, and active, low-molecular weight minerals nourish skin. The aroma of rosemary is stimulating and herbal fresh. The Amethyst quartz crystal included in every bottle subtly releases it’s energetic properties for purification and healing.