• ISUN Ruby / Facial Oil Moisturizer 30ML

ISUN Ruby / Facial Oil Moisturizer 30ML


ISUN Ruby / Facial Oil Moisturizer consist of herbs and base oils with properties of strengthening & energizing the skin, making this oil especially beneficial for dry skin. Key essential oils are vetiver, sandalwood & patchouli.

This facial herb-oil offer an economical alternative moisturizer and are outstanding for anyone who wants pure skin-balancing nourishment without the extra anti-aging ingredients. Nourishing herbal moisturizers like ISUN Ruby Facial Oil is an excellent choice to maintain healthy, balanced skin and to prevent premature aging in skin.

Skin is deeply nourished & moisturized
Aging effects are reduced & prevented
Antioxidants provide UV protection

For Dry & Normal-Dry Skin