• OM PUR Rosehip-Chamomile Herbal Scrub, OM PUR -

OM PUR Rosehip-Chamomile Herbal Scrub


Benefits: Revitalizes & brightens skin Helps unclog & clarify pores Smoothes & softens skin texture Encourages more supple, firmer skin Skin Types: For all skin types Application:

BASIC EXFOLIATION: Mix ¼-½ tsp powder with equal part water. Gently scrub damp skin for 1-2 minutes. Rinse. Use 1-7X/week.


General Direction: Mix a large spoon of a food listed below with the basic blend of powder & water. Apply to skin and leave on 5-20 minutes. Splash water on your face and gently scrub as you rinse.

Plain Yogurt – Good for acne & blemishes

Raw Honey – Healing, soothing, hydrating Good for dry or mature skin

Fresh Lemon Juice – Good for oily skin

Strawberry, Apple juice & Yogurt blend – Fruit acids & lactic acid in yogurt increase exfoliation

Cucumber – Cooling, calming & astringent

Avocado – Moisturizing & nourishing for dry skin

Grapefruit Essential Oil – 1 drop mixed with the powder & water blend helps clarify pores